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Hey Sound, Give Us a Wave!

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We found out that sound travels in waves.

In our experiments, the girls discovered that each time a sound was passed near the sugar, it moved!

The girls cleverly used different types of sound to see how the sugar would react differently to each sound.

See if you can spot the different ideas the girls had.

Science Week

We did a ‘Dancing Raisins’ experiment in the class as part of our Science Week work.  

 For the experiment, we put raisins into 7up. The bubbles in the 7up latch on to the wrinkles in the raisins, making them float to the top.

Here, the bubbles pop and the raisins fall back down to the bottom, creating the dancing effect!

Dancing Raisins (3) Dancing Raisins (1) Dancing Raisins (2)



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We took part in a Bricks4Kidz workshop. Each girl in the class made a scissors lift using lego and a motor. 

We learned that:

* A scissor lift makes it easier to lift things in a factory, and also offers a larger work platform than a ladder can provide.

* It is called a scissor lift because the crisscross arms that raise and lower the work platform look like scissor blades.

* Scissors as well as a scissor lifts are both examples of a simple machine called a lever. The place where the arms meet is called the fulcrum.

* The force changes from horizontal to vertical at the fulcrum.

As you can see from the pictures, we really enjoyed ourselves.

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Easter Chickens!

Last Easter, we had the wonderful experience of having our own Easter chicks for the very first time. The eggs were incubated and the children checked on progress through the first cracks in the shells, to the hatching and first faltering movements of the chickens. The fluffy, yellow chicks provided many hours of wonder, enjoyment and learning for the pupils.  Many thanks to Mr. John Horgan, Language Support teacher, for organising this event.

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