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How Does Your Garden Grow?

The girls in the class planted different seeds (turnip, lettuce, chive, carrot and spinach) a month ago and have been monitoring them closely to see how they have been growing. We placed the pots on the window sill to insure that the seeds received plenty of sunlight and watered them everyday. Today, the girls brought the pots containing the seeds home with them and have promised to take great care of their plants. Hopefully, they will continue to grow over the coming weeks and months in the girls’ homes!
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Helping our feathered friends

The snow and rain might be annoying for humans but it can be deadly for birds. Andrew ‘Mouse’ explained to us that during the winter months many birds die because of a lack of food. To try to help this situation, the girls in 4th made bird feeders that can be stocked with peanuts to help the birds to eat during the winter months. Mouse told us not to use salted peanuts as they make the birds sick and even if we don’t have a feeder we can leave scraps and other bits of food out to help our feathery friends! Great fun and all for a good cause too. 

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Hands-on Nature Study!

The children in 4th class are extremely fortunate to be working with Andrew, a wildlife expert.  Andrew has recently been teaching the girls about nature, conservation, habitats, birds and animals native to Ireland and much, much more. The girls really look forward to his visits. This week we got to experience the life cycle of the frog with the girls getting to touch and hold a real frog as well as see frogspawn and tadpoles. What an experience!!

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Fun with Maths

The children in fourth class have been enjoying learning about long multiplication. To finish our period of study, we organised and took part in a long multiplication hunt. We solved sums to match the answers on our worksheets. What a great way to use our multiplication skills outside of the classroom! 

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Primary Science Fair

The girls in Fourth Class finished their science project and went to the Primary Science fair on Saturday, 14th January 2017.

They had a wonderful day at the fair with a number of teachers from the school.

The judges were very impressed with their project, “Can Vegetables Power Electricity?”. (The answer is “Yes”, by the way!)

The girls were able to explain their project to all the visitors to heir stand and many people congratulated them, not only on their wonderful project, but also on being terrific ambassadors for Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní).

Well done to all the girls and a great big “Thank  you” to their teachers. 

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Hey Sound, Give Us a Wave!

IMG_8993 IMG_8997 IMG_9001

We found out that sound travels in waves.

In our experiments, the girls discovered that each time a sound was passed near the sugar, it moved!

The girls cleverly used different types of sound to see how the sugar would react differently to each sound.

See if you can spot the different ideas the girls had.

Science Week

We did a ‘Dancing Raisins’ experiment in the class as part of our Science Week work.  

 For the experiment, we put raisins into 7up. The bubbles in the 7up latch on to the wrinkles in the raisins, making them float to the top.

Here, the bubbles pop and the raisins fall back down to the bottom, creating the dancing effect!

Dancing Raisins (3) Dancing Raisins (1) Dancing Raisins (2)



20161020_110856 20161020_110940


We took part in a Bricks4Kidz workshop. Each girl in the class made a scissors lift using lego and a motor. 

We learned that:

* A scissor lift makes it easier to lift things in a factory, and also offers a larger work platform than a ladder can provide.

* It is called a scissor lift because the crisscross arms that raise and lower the work platform look like scissor blades.

* Scissors as well as a scissor lifts are both examples of a simple machine called a lever. The place where the arms meet is called the fulcrum.

* The force changes from horizontal to vertical at the fulcrum.

As you can see from the pictures, we really enjoyed ourselves.

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