Sixth Class-Ms. McKay


  • Continue mental Maths (Have 3 weeks of mental maths done by 27th)
  • Continue with work from Tried and tested book (only the pages that I gave you last Thursday)

Answer these questions

  • If a car travels 45 kilometres in 45 minutes, what is its speed?
  • If 100g of rice costs €0.25, what would an entire Kilogramme cost?
  • If 500ml of perfume costs €25, what would the entire Litre cost?

Explain these equations (Hint: they have a connection to circles)

  • D= 2 X R
  • R= D divided by 2
  • C= D x 3 Watch this video and answer these questions

  • What is a negative number?
  • Which direction do we move on the number line when we add?
  • Which direction do we move on the number line when we subtract?
  • What are some of the mathematical uses for negative numbers? One example would be temperature, when the temperature goes below zero.

Extra Revision activities:

  • visit, click ‘Student Resources’, then filter to the title you require, making sure ‘Online Book’ is selected under ’Resources’.

Click – Primary, Class 6th: Subject: maths, Series: Busy at maths 6, Resource: online book

  • Do as many activities as you can from chapter 10 (2 D shapes) in Busy at maths 6 in your 999 copy.


  • Continue with work given in school last week (finish sheets, written activities etc that I wrote on the board)

Thesaurus hunt

Find the synonyms for the following words and put them into sentences

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Bored
  • Lucky
  • Funny
  • Excited
  • Good
  • Bad
  • kind
  • Find the poem online and learn the poem ‘Down by the Salley Gardens’
  • Continue with spellcheck activities that I wrote on the board last Thursday
  • Follow this link. Read a book!/bookshelf

  • Based on what you read, write a story, a report, a diary entry, a recount or a book review. (Pick at least 1)


  • Continue with the work that I gave you from “Sin é” in class last week. Read some more of the stories in the book and practise your Irish Reading.
  • Revise all Irish verbs in your Blue Folder. Show me some evidence of revision in your 999 copy. Write out some verbs in your 999 copy.
  • Scríobh na briathra rialta seo san aimsir caite, aimsir láithreach agus aimsir fháistineach tóg

A.C = Thóg, A.L= Tógaim, A.F. Tógfaidh

  • Cas
  • Can
  • Fan
  • Fág
  • Póg
  • Siúl
  • Ól
  • Ith
  • Much


  • History: Continue with the project that I gave you to complete in Small World History in Ireland after the 1916 Easter Rising ( The chapters that I wrote on the board last Thursday)
  • Geography: Continue with the chapter I gave you last Thursday in Small World Geography on Transport.

Twinkl: Setting this up is really easy to do – go to and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS.

  • Topic: Electricity
  • Do some worksheets
  • Read a powerpoint
  • Carry out an experiment
  • Complete an activity
  • Keep a record of what you did and what you have learned. We will discuss it on our return to school
  • Revise EU countries and capitals and flags.
  • Test yourself with these games.


  • Watch this video and learn how to draw a Celtic Knot. Draw your own and decorate it.
  • All Work to be done in 999 Copies unless it is otherwise stated
  • Don’t be overwhelmed. Do as much as you can but keep busy! Do your best!!! 😊