Sixth Class-Mr. Devlin


  • Continue Mental Maths (Just do one week)
  • Using this code write out your name,

A=1, B=2, C=3………….. Z=26.

  • List all the prime numbers from 0-50. (There are 15 of them)

Answer these questions

  • If a car travels 45 kilometres in 45 minutes, what is its speed?
  • If 100g of rice costs 0.25€, what would an entire Kilogramme cost?
  • If 500ml of perfume costs 25€, what would the entire litre cost?

Explain these equations(Hint: they have a connection to circles)

  • D= 2 X R
  • R= D divided by 2
  • C= D x 3 Watch this video and answer these questions

  • What is a negative number?
  • Which direction do we move on the number line when we add?
  • Which direction do we move on the number line when we subtract?
  • What are some of the mathematical uses for negative numbers? One example would be temperature, when the temperature goes below zero.

Answer these questions

  • – 2 – 4=
  • – 2 + 4=
  • – 5 – 5 =
  • – 3 – 5 =
  • – 10 + 11=
  • – 35 – 35=
  • +35 – 35 =
  • -35 + 35=


Thesaurus hunt

Find a synonym for the following words and put them into sentences

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Bored
  • Lucky
  • Funny
  • Learn the poem ‘Down by the Salley Gardens’
  • Continue with spellcheck activities for one week
  • Read the story at this link;
  • Answer the questions on this story on this link
  • Continue with your piece of independent writing ( 1 and ½ pages in any genre except procedural)
  • world book Click on this link and read the book on Ancient Greece
  • Read the book and there will be activities on it next week, write down some of the things you found interesting as you’re reading.
  • Bake/cook something during the week.
  • Write the procedure for your dish
  • Write a recount of the experience


  • Comhrá a scríobh idir dhá cara nach bhfuil in ann a dtithe a fhágáil (can’t leave their house), úsáid na frásaí seo
  • Cad a rinne tú an seachtain seo?
  • An bhfuil aon cúlchaint(gossip) agat?
  • An bhfaca tú_______ ar _________?
  • Léigh na scéalta i BGB a thug mé daoibh agus lean ar aghaidh le na ceisteanna.
  • Freagair na ceisteanna seo
  • An maith leat a bheith abhaile ón scoil?
  • An raibh tú ag caint le na cailíní eile?
  • An bhfuil tú ag tnúth le dul ar ais ar scoil?
  • An bhfuil tú ag cabhrú sa bhaile?
  • An bhfuil tú ag troid le do shiblíní?
  • Cén leabhar a léigh tú an seachtain seo?
  • An bhfaca tú aon scannán?
  • Ar ith tú aon bia deas an seachtain seo?
  • Scríobh na briatra rialta seo san aimsir caite, aimsir láithreach agus aimsir fháistineach tóg

A.C = Thóg, A.L= Tógaim, A.F. Tógfaidh

  • Cas
  • Can
  • Fan
  • Fág
  • Póg
  • Siúl
  • Ól
  • Ith
  • Múch
  • Scríobh faoin seachtain soar ón scoil. ½ leathanach sa chóipleabhar.


  • History: Research the events of Easter Week 1916. Complete a timeline in your A4 pad. Use pictures to illustrate your timeline.
  • Countess Markiewicz: Write a short biography of Countess Markiewicz in your own words.
  • Geography: Learn the countries, flags and capitals of the EU countries.
  • Music: Practice and learn this piece on the Tin Whistle.
  • Music: Write a short piece of music on a treble clef stave. You can print out a blank one here or just write it into your copy.
  • Art: Watch this video and learn how to draw a Celtic Knot. Draw your own and decorate

All Work to be done in Homework Copies unless it is otherwise stated