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Irish Aid Awards 2017


Congratulations to the girls in 3rd class who made it to the Regional Awards for the Irish Aid project. The children have been working very hard for the past few months creating the ‘’Women’s Writes’’ magazine which focuses on two important global goals -gender equality and quality education. The running theme throughout the magazine was ‘inspirational women who have made a difference in society’. Through exploration of this theme, the children learned about the many ways that these women have changed the world and in turn, these stories inspired the girls to believe that they can make a difference in the world too. The magazine includes articles, interviews, poems, puzzles and much more. 

Well done girls on this great achievement. We are so proud of all your hard work.

IRISH AID CLASS PHOTO                                                  IRISH AID AWARDS 2

Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní) on Tour!

Over the next few weeks, the children will be touring various wonderful out-of-school venues as part of their education. The school tour is one of the highlights of the year. The children really enjoy  a day out with their classmates. Going on a coach or a train as a class group is something children remember for a long time. Even better if the sun actually shines on the big day!

This year, one of the places the Senior Classes will be visiting is Glasnevin Cemetery. There, the children will hear stories about and be given a guided tour of the final resting-places of many of the people they have been learning about in their studies of 1916 – Grace Gifford, Constance Markiewicz, Elizabeth O’Farrell to name but a few. The Glasnevin Trust guides are excellent and the tour is very interesting.

Some of the classes will also go to the GPO where they will visit the excellent permanent exhibition which  opened up there recently. 

Other places the children will visit as part of their tour days are the Botanic Gardens, Ashtown Castle and the Phoenix Park.

Sixth Class will also be going to Northern Ireland where they will visit The Ulster American Folk Park in Omagh, Co. Tyrone and the Titanic Exhibition in Belfast. Two really superb places to visit.

Second Class will be visiting Collins Barracks where they will visit the 1916 Exhibition and some of the other exhibits in the Museum. Like the GPO and Glasnevin Cemetery, this is a terrific venue for a family visit at any time. National Museum visits in Ireland are free and of course the weather doesn’t matter as it’s indoors!  These children will also be going to Lullymore in June. Another great day out. 

Children love animals and all to do with the natural world. With this in mind, First Class will visit Newgrange Farm which is not too far away and is always enjoyed by the children. 

Senior Infants plan on visiting the Zoo. From ducks to elephants and everything in between, the Zoo is always a great day out – let’s hope they get good weather for the day!

Junior Infants will be visiting Draíocht where they will be getting a backstage tour. Who knows? This might be the first step towards a career on the stage for some of our little performers!  They will also visit Blanchardstown Library. From there, they will go to Millennium Park for lunch and playtime. An actress from Draíocht will visit them in their classroom, on a different day, to add even more to their experience. 

All in all, Scoil Bhríde’s ‘Tour Season 2016’ sounds very exciting for all the children. Be sure to check out the weather forecast before the tour and dress the children accordingly: suncream and a hat for sunny weather and a rain coat in case of showers. Above all make sure your daughter has sturdy, comfortable shoes for her day out. 

Comenius Project

Comenius Update:
June 2015 saw the conclusion of our Comenius project, entitled “Treasure Trail- Linking the Past to the Present”. Over the course of 2 years, the girls and teachers from Scoil Bhríde worked with students and teachers from 3 European schools; Escola de Pratiques in Tarragona, Catalonia (Spain), Istiuto Compressivo Don Bosco D’Assissi in Torre del Greco, Italy and Grundschule Michaelisschule in Osnabrück, Germany.

The aim of the project was to foster a sense of European identity among pupils and teachers alike, while at the same time acknowledging the uniqueness of each country, culture and school. The title “T.R.E.A.S.U.R.E Trail” provided the focus for the project with each letter providing the stimulus for a module of work based on Traditions, Education , Arts, Sport, European Unity, Religion and the Envrionment.

Over the course of the 2 years, children from each class engaged in a variety of different activities, such as:
• Communication: Emailing, Skyping and writing letters and postcards to children in other schools.
• Project work: Preparing projects/ booklets on topics such as traditional Irish sports, dances, religious ceremonies, feasts and festivals etc.
• I.T work: Preparing Powerpoint presentations on Scoil Bhríde, Dublin, famous monuments and landmarks. Interviewing teachers about their favourite Christmas traditions, preparing and recording performances of traditional Irish songs and dance.
• Arts and Crafts: The children sent some beautiful art and craft work to the other schools such as Christmas tree decorations, small hand-made gifts, thematic based art work (based on the Seasons) etc.
• Cooking; Over the course of the 2 years our children prepared and shared some traditional Irish recipes. They also got a chance to try their hand at some Catalonian, Italian and German recipes!

All teachers from Scoil Bhríde were very actively involved in the project. Many teachers were lucky enough to have had the chance to travel to the schools in Catalonia, Italy and Germany over the course of the 2 years. While there, they visited the children in their classrooms and taught some interactive lessons (traditional Irish songs, poems, dances etc), met with the other teachers to exchange teaching ideas, strategies and examples of best practice and planned the next stage of the project. They also got a chance to visit local historical attractions and to sample some of the local cuisine!

The Comenius project was hugely enjoyable and beneficial to all those who participated. It offered both pupils and teachers the chance to engage with our fellow Europeans, to share ideas with each other, to celebrate with each other and most importantly to learn from each other. The project concluded with a final visit to Scoil Bhríde in June 2015 when we celebrated the end of a very successful 2 years.


The safety of our children, in every aspect of their lives, is an issue of concern for all parents.  Their safety while using the internet is of huge importance. Any assistance that parents can access around internet safety is to be welcomed. With this in mind, we have organised an Internet Safety Seminar for all the children from Second Class to Sixth Class on next Thursday 14th January 2016. All children in these classes will be given guidance about how to stay safe online and how to deal with problems if and when they arise. That evening there will be a follow-up seminar for the parents of the children in these classes. This will be at 7.00pm in the school hall. The seminars will be run by the ZEEKO ACADEMY, a company that is very experienced in this field. For those parents who would like to find out more about the company and the seminars, the children have been given  a letter for their parents with contact details for the ZEEKO ACADEMY. This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to inform themselves of how to care for their children when they are online. It is important for your children to know that you are interested in this issue. I hope that as many parents as possible will be able to attend the seminar. It will start at 7.00pm on Thursday 14th January. 

Intercultural Day – 13th May 2015

Intercultural Day is approaching fast! It promises to be a really special and exciting occasion with representatives from all the countries, cultures and languages represented in our school taking part. Parents, teachers and children are working together to ensure that 13th May will be a day to be remembered. We will start with our very own parade of the United Nations of Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní). We hope to have foods of all kinds from 4 continents, crafts, singing, dancing, instrumental music, storytelling, sports, dramatic productions and much more. So, come along, wear the costume or colours of your country and have a very enjoyable day. All we’re praying for now is that the sun will shine!

Scoil Bhríde Chronicle

We are delighted to introduce the very first issue of the Scoil Bhríde Chronicle – a newspaper produced in Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní), by the pupils for the school community. 

This publication came about as a result of discussions held by the members of our Student Council -kindly facilitated by Ms Suzanne Tiernan.  It is a wonderful achievementfor the pupils.  You will really enjoy reading the first issue of the Scoil Bhríde Chronicle. It’s packed with news of the school, poetry, puzzles, etc. etc.

Well done girls! We’re already looking forward to reading the next edition! 

Carol Service

All those present at our Carol Service on Tuesday, 16 December 2014 expressed the view that it was a very special occasion. The girls sang beautifully. Their singing and the carols chosen for the service were a reminder of the real message of Christmas. We were given an opportunity to reflect on the message of love and hope that the birth of Jesus gives us – that we love one another as He loves us. He came as a vulnerable baby with no place to stay except a stable. We think of those in our society who are vulnerable. Each of us has our part to play – ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine – we all depend on each other.

Sixth Class – Intrepid Knitters!


Late Late Toy Show host Ryan Tubridy wearing hand knitted Christmas jumper sent in by a viewer.

With just one week to go until The Late Late Toy Show, is in full swing to have the best toys for every boy and girl in the country.

Meanwhile, Ryan has received hand knitted jumpers from all over the country, as viewers responded to his request for a home made Christmas Jumper for this year’s show.

Ryan is holding a Toy Show Jumper Tree featuring hand knitted jumpers made by sixth class in Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní), Blanchardstown. 

Ryan Tubridy said: “As you can see the competition is pretty intense.  I just love the imagination and hard work of the girls from Scoil Bhríde in making this Toy Show Jumper Tree.”

The children made the jumper tree in class over the past week. In seven days all will be revealed about this year’s Late Late Toy Show theme and you can see what jumper is chosen as the nation tunes in to the one and only Late Late Toy Show .


What is the Comenius project?
Our project is called a multi-lateral Comenius partnership. Comenius is a European, educational organisation which aims to promote lifelong learning amongst European, primary school teachers and students, to exchange knowledge about the education system and best practice in each country and to foster a sense of European unity.

TITLE OF PROJECT: The title of our project is “Treasure Trail- Linking the Past to the Present”.

Participating Schools: Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní), Blanchardstown, Dublin
(Project co-ordinators); Escola de Practiques, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain; Istituto Comprensivo Don Bosco D’Assissi, Torre del Greco, Campania, Italy; Grundschule Michaelisschule, Georgsmarienhutte, Osnabruck, Germany.

PROJECT FOCUS: T.R.E.A.S.U.R.E. is an acronym-each letter is used to provide an area of focus around which a module of work is based. Thus:
Unity of Europe

Work: We have had a very busy and enjoyable year working on the Comenius project. Every child in the school has participated in some way. Children from different classes have been involved in the following activities:
• Creating Powerpoint presentations on Ireland to send to the other countries.
• Entering a competition for the project logo.
• Designing a Treasure Map which is displayed in the Comenius area on the Junior Corridor.
• Exchanging traditional Christmas and Easter cards and gifts.
• Exchanging traditional songs and dances.
• Exchanging traditional recipes.

Our European colleagues have visited Ireland twice- in November for a preliminary planning meeting and in March when they visited the school and participated in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. They were most impressed by our beautiful new school but most of all by our lovely children!

Celebration of Europe Day:
• Children all over Europe, including our girls, participated in the “Handshake for Europe” at 11 a.m. on the 9th May. Our children also dressed in European colours- either the colour of their own flag or the colour of the Comenius countries.
• Several children performed pieces by European composers on the day.
• Sixth class Skyped the children in Tarragona, Spain. Postcards and emails were also exchanged between participating schools.

The project will continue next year with many more exciting activities and opportunities for learning!

Book Launch

The launch of We Are Writers was a very enjoyable evening and a great success for all concerned. Seán Rocks, a former teacher in SBC very kindly acted as our Master of Ceremonies. 

IMG_6532 IMG_6535  IMG_6543

To see RTE’s news report on the launch of our school’s multilingual publication

We Are Writers

please click the video link below


Sincere thanks to all the teachers who guided their pupils through the process of drafting and editing the stories and to

Siobhán Kirwan Keane,

who worked tirelessly to co-ordinate the entire project.