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您好!你好吗?Hello! How are you?

您好!你好吗?Hello! How are you?

This term, the girls in Mr. Maguire’s First Class will be learning Mandarin.

First of all, they will listen to Mandarin. Then they will repeat what they hear – just the way we learn any language.

First we Listen, then we Speak.

They will also be introduced to the written characters used in Mardarain. 

They will learn to recognise – Read – and then Write the words and phrases they are learning. 

This is a pilot project for teaching Mandarin. It will last until Easter and we are doing it in conjunction with University College Dublin.

Watch this space for more updates!

European Day of Languages

Next Friday, 25th September, we will celebrate European Day of Languages. Schools all over Europe, and further afield, too, will join each other in celebrating the importance of valuing all languages. We have more than 40 languages in our school community and each one is important to us. If you speak a language other than English at home, please continue to do so. Help your daughter to learn to read and write in her home language. This will help with all her learning, including English. 

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