Language Diversity

We are very lucky to have such diversity of languages in Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní). Such a rich linguistic atmosphere helps to develop the children’s awareness of languages and helps to foster interest and curiosity about their own and other languages.

Interestingly, Professor David Little, Professor Emeritus of Trinity College, Dublin has written that ‘…langauges should be taught in relation to one another rather than in isolation.’ (Little, 2008).

So parents — encourage your daughter to look for the connections between your home language and any other languages you might know (including English!). Read to her in your home language. If she’s having difficulty understanding something she was taught at school, explain it to her in your home language and that might help her to make the connections and to understand more easily.  

As well as helping her to learn new concepts, it is really important for her cultural heritage that she can connect with her family in her home country. Having a grasp of her home language is central to this. Your home language is part of your daughter’s heritage. It is a precious gift which you can give to her. Protect it for her by using it with her every day.