Joseph Driessen Seminar

A very successful seminar took place today in Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní) for parents of children attending both Scoil Bhríde schools. Many thanks to Dublin West Education Centre, who facilitated Joseph Driessen’s visit to the school. Joseph spoke to parents about various useful strategies they might use to help their children to lead happy, successful lives at school and on into the future. He was very generous with his time and was quite happy to answer individual parents at the end of his presentation.

He gave us all food for thought: 

Joseph highlighted the importance of a structured household where routines are maintained. He also stressed the importance of good nutrition and, in particular, a good breakfast which sets a child up for the day. Value on learning and support for children as they learn were also mentioned by him as being of great importance in a child’s life. 

Some parents asked for a printout of his presentation. This will be available to parents over the next few days. Joseph has also written some very good parenting books. These are available in bookshops and online. Many parents have found these to be useful guides at the various different stages of their children’s development. 

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