French Play: Le Loup et les Sept Petits Chevreaux

The girls in Sixth Class had a wonderful experience when M. Olivier Bonnardot visited the school in February for a three-day workshop in French.  Olivier spoke only in French for the three days that he was here. Although the girls have been learning French since Fifth Class, only one or two have French as their mother-tongue. This meant that the girls had to concentrate very hard to follow everything that was going on. However, at the end of the time, they were able to stage a play, in French, for the rest of the school and for their parents. Even though most of the children in the audience did not speak French, they were able to follow the play. Everyone laughed in the right places and everyone knew who the villain was! So the language skills of all were developed over the course of the three-day workshop.

Not only did the girls act in the play, they also designed the set  – after discussion with Orla Kelly, our resident Room 13 artist. They made invitations and organised costumes. There was singing and dancing involved too.

Overall, it was a really great experience for everyone involved.

A big “Merci” to Olivier and to Orla.

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