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Heritage in Schools Visit

On Friday the girls from 4th and 5th were very lucky to have a visit from Heritage Expert Aidan Dockery. He had a huge array of artefacts, books and historical objects from a wide variety of historical times. Aidan’s uncle, Joseph Dockery, was killed in World War 1 and we were honoured to see some of his possessions from his time at the front. This was a unique opportunity for the girls to see and experience the lives of people in the past as well as famous events such as World War 1 and the Easter Rising. Aidan was very impressed with the girls’ knowledge especially the insightful questions they asked. He complemented them all on being such a great audience. 

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Pizza-Making in Second Class!

Today, the girls in Second Class made their own ‘pizzas’ and had an opportunity to experiment with different toppings and flavour combinations.
We used white sliced bread as our base and even though it’s not a traditional pizza-base, it still worked just as effectively!
After that, the girls spread tomato passata on to the bread. The girls learned that this is the best sauce to use as it contains 100% tomatoes, while a jar of tomato sauce can contain as little as 70% tomatoes along with plenty of sugar and salt!
The final step involved adding the toppings. Some girls chose just cheese while other girls added sweetcorn and peppers. The mini ‘pizzas’ were then placed in the oven for 7 minutes to crisp up the base and to melt the cheese.
It then took 7 seconds for this quick and healthy meal to be devoured by the hungry girls! Some even argued that the pizzas were better than those from the take-away!
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Junior Entrepreneur Programme

Rang a Cúig are taking part in the Junior Entrepreneur Project 2018! We have learning about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and working with Orla in conjunction with Room 13. We all had lots of brilliant and unique ideas and had fun working with one another to create presentations! We then presented them to the Dragons’ Den. Our ‘dragons’ were Orla, Ms. Kirwan-Keane and Ms.Tiernan. Rang a sé came to watch our presentations and gave us some very thoughtful advice and insights on their experiences doing the project.

After much careful consideration the dragons chose an idea for a café. But this is no ordinary café! Stay tuned for some exciting developments!
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Pancake Tuesday

To celebrate Pancake Tuesday, Rang a Cúig decided to open a French café!
We have been learning French this year and thought it would be a good time to put our learning into practice!
Some of us wrote and designed menus in French, some of us worked in the ‘kitchen’ preparing the batter and toppings, some of us were waitresses and dishwashers and luckily, all of us had the chance to be customers!
We spoke French while taking and placing orders!
Bon Appétit!
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As it is the centenary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement Rang a Cúig decided to get proactive and celebrate the vote ourselves! Inspired by ideas on  we decided to create our own stamps dedicated to famous Irish suffragettes. We learned about many heroines such as Anna Haslam, Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, Constance Markievicz and many others. We wanted to design a stamp of an Irish suffragette as we noticed that very few Irish stamps contain the images of women. To choose our suffragette we held a class debate and designed ballot papers. After the debates, we voted in order of preference of the suffragettes and placed the ballot papers in our very own  class-made ballot box. We counted the ballots afterwards and announced the winner. We were all delighted when the winner was Anna Haslam, as she lived an extraordinary life. She was a pioneer of the movement and even worked in soup kitchens during the famine, which we also learned about. Deeds not words!

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Rang a Cúig have been staying active! We organised our own class Olympics! We made an Olympic torch and ran through the school to launch our competition! We also made our own medals and used measuring instruments from the Maths room to organise our different event! After the Olympics, we held a medal ceremony complete with music!

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German Visitors

A group of language teachers from Germany visited us recently. They came to Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní) to see how we teach and learn languages here. They were very impressed!

The teachers visited the children in their classes and spoke to them about all the wonderful work they do in class. They were amazed by the beautiful dual-language books written by the girls in Second Class. They loved the dance performed by the girls and taught them a German dancing game played by children in Germany.

They loved the sound of the Irish language as they moved from class to class and they learned how to say ‘Dia dhuit!’ (Hello).

When they visited the Language Room, they were completely enthralled by the wonderful fashion show put on by the girls from a few different classes. They were really impressed by the ease with which the girls were able to comment, in a variety of languages, on the beautiful traditional clothes on display.

All in all, it was a most successful visit. Who knows? Maybe some of the marvellous ideas the visiting teachers got when they came to our school will be used by them when they go back to Germany!  Gute Reise! 


Wonderful handwriting

The girls in Sixth Class took part in a handwriting competition recently. They had to research and write about either the city of Hamburg in Germany or Elsa Beskow, a Swedish illustrator of children’s books. The standard of handwriting was very high and it was difficult to choose a winner. In the end, Molly Scattergood won the Swedish section of the competition and Aoife Penetrante won the Hamburg section. Well done to both girls and to all who entered the competition. 


Peace Proms

For the first time in the history of Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní), we took part in the Peace Proms concert. This is a wonderful event for the children to be involved with. As the name suggests, the Peace Proms is all about co-operation between North and South. Young people get to work on a common repertoire of songs and then to perform them together.

The Fourth Class children have been learning many medleys of songs  – and associated dance moves! – since September. The big performance took place on Sunday 4th February. The children and their teachers set off by bus to the RDS in Ballsbridge where the concert was to take place. They had a rehearsal at 6.00pm and then the audience arriveed for the show at 8.00pm.

And what a show it was! The arena was full and there was a great atmosphere of excitement. The choir was a joy to hear and there were wonderful performances by soloists from many parts of the country. Dancers from Scotland, a champion uilleann piper from Ireland, solo singers made up the rest of the show and a wonderful night was had by all.

An event like this does not happen without a large group of people working together to make it happen. Ms. Laura Cusack, who has previous experience of Peace Proms encouraged us to enter the event – and we’re very glad she did! A number of other teachers were heavily involved too. The two class teachers, Mr. Seán Devlin and Ms. Kathleen O’Reilly did trojan work with the children throughout the preparation period. On the day of the concert Ms. Anne McKeon, Deputy Principal, Ms. Laura Cusack, Ms. Sinéad Toomey and  Ms. Rachel Dudgeon accompanied the girls to the concert. The Principal, Mrs. Siobhán Kirwan Keane was there too, as were many parents of the children involved. A great night was had by all. Our first involvement with Peace Proms was a great success and we look forward to taking part in this wonderful venture in the future.


Oo la la!

The girls in 5th and 6th class designed and made dual language fashion magazines. We wrote some parts of the magazine in English and some parts in our home languages. We swapped magazines and helped our friends to read  the different languages. We had great fun!!
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