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Senior Infants on Tour

The two Senior Infant classes joined together for a wild day at Dublin Zoo. We saw giraffes, flamingos and red pandas plus plenty more. Here are a few photos from the trip. 



First Holy Communion

The girls in Second Class received the sacrament of First Holy Communion last Saturday, 29th April. The sun shone and everyone had a great day. Many thanks to the parents of girls in First Class who came along to help with the tea and coffee for the reception. 

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Junior Entrepreneur Programme

Rang a Cúig are taking part in the Junior Entrepreneur Project 2018! We have learning about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and working with Orla in conjunction with Room 13. We all had lots of brilliant and unique ideas and had fun working with one another to create presentations! We then presented them to the Dragons’ Den. Our ‘dragons’ were Orla, Ms. Kirwan-Keane and Ms.Tiernan. Rang a sé came to watch our presentations and gave us some very thoughtful advice and insights on their experiences doing the project.

After much careful consideration the dragons chose an idea for a café. But this is no ordinary café! Stay tuned for some exciting developments!
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As it is the centenary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement Rang a Cúig decided to get proactive and celebrate the vote ourselves! Inspired by ideas on  we decided to create our own stamps dedicated to famous Irish suffragettes. We learned about many heroines such as Anna Haslam, Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, Constance Markievicz and many others. We wanted to design a stamp of an Irish suffragette as we noticed that very few Irish stamps contain the images of women. To choose our suffragette we held a class debate and designed ballot papers. After the debates, we voted in order of preference of the suffragettes and placed the ballot papers in our very own  class-made ballot box. We counted the ballots afterwards and announced the winner. We were all delighted when the winner was Anna Haslam, as she lived an extraordinary life. She was a pioneer of the movement and even worked in soup kitchens during the famine, which we also learned about. Deeds not words!

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Parent Seminars


A very successful cyber safety awareness seminar for parents and children took place recently in the school. During the day, the children from 1st to 6th Classes had their own seminar on the dangers posed by many aspects of the internet – in particular by social media sites. In the evening many parents came to the school hall for the Parent Seminar. Many parents were shocked at just how dangerous it is to allow a child to use the internet without the supervision of their parents. The internet is a wonderful resource but children need to be protected from the dangers it poses to their safety. The key message? Talk to your children about the internet and monitor their use of apps and social media sites.   


The ‘Stay Safe Programme‘ is a national programme aimed at giving children the skills they need to keep themselves safe from dangerous situations and how to get help if they find themselves in a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable.  The programme has been in use for many years and has recently been modernised. There will be an information evening for PARENTS on Wednesday 21st February to highlight some of the new features of the Stay Safe Programme. At least one parent from each family is encouraged to attend. Shortly after that evening, teachers will be implementing the Stay Safe Programme in class. The children will bring home worksheets and will talk about what they have learned in school. Again the key message is to talk to your children – and to listen when they talk to you. 

Wonderful handwriting

The girls in Sixth Class took part in a handwriting competition recently. They had to research and write about either the city of Hamburg in Germany or Elsa Beskow, a Swedish illustrator of children’s books. The standard of handwriting was very high and it was difficult to choose a winner. In the end, Molly Scattergood won the Swedish section of the competition and Aoife Penetrante won the Hamburg section. Well done to both girls and to all who entered the competition. 

Laudate Festival

The girls in 5th and 6th Classes took part in the Laudate Festival on Tuesday 30th January. The Festival took place in Ballymun church and was a very enjoyable event for the girls. They have been learning the songs since September. They went to a rehearsal in Ballymun, followed by the actual performance on Tuesday. Thye were joined by girls and boys from many other schools around Dublin, so the choir was a very large one! They sang beautifully and everyone enjoyed the experience. Thank you to Ms. Tiernan (6th) and Ms. Ní Chiosáin (5th) for all their hard work and enthusiasm. An event like this cannot happen without such enthusiastic input from the class teachers. Some of the same songs will be sung at the upcoming Confirmation and Communion Masses. Well done to all.

Cyber Safety Seminar

Cyber Safety Seminars for children from First Class to Sixth Class will take place in the school on Monday 5th February.

These will be different for each age group.

There will be a seminar for parents on Monday evening, 5th February, at 7.00pm in the school hall. 

Budding Archaeologists in Second Class

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On Monday, November the 20th, the girls in Second Class were treated to a fascinating trip back in time. Mark Kelly, an archaeologist who works with the Heritage in Schools Scheme paid a visit to the school and brought with him a wonderful selection of ancient artefacts for the girls to learn about. The girls got to handle a sword that would have been used in a Viking battle; they found out how Bronze Age spoons were made; they felt how heavy armour for a battle was; the list goes on!!
The part of the workshop that was most interesting for the classes was the mini-dig that they all had an opportunity to participate in. The girls had a chance to see what it might be like to dig down into the ground to find ancient objects, with some of them finding artefacts such as arrow heads, coins and even an old pipe made out of a bull’s horn!!
It really was a terrific learning experience for the girls of Second Class and, who knows, we may see someone from the group go on to become an archaeologist! 
Scoil Bhríde Cailíní Time Capsule

September 2017 was our fifth September in our lovely new school. To mark this all the children in Scoil Bhríde Cailíní got involved in a time capsule project.

Each child from 1st class to 6th class contributed a piece of writing to be buried in the time capsule. Children wrote on a variety of themes – their own lives, predictions for the future, new inventions, all about 2017, the history of the school and many others. Even the Junior and Senior infants drew pictures and made hand prints to be included in the capsule.

These stories and samples of art were compiled by Mrs. Kearney and placed in a waterproof container. The container was buried on the school grounds on Thursday 28th October.

The time capsule will remain buried for 20 years and will be dug up in September 2037. I wonder how many of our predictions and inventions will come to pass?

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