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Féile Drámaíochta


This is a photo of the trophy the girls in the Club Ghaeilge were awarded for their participation in the Leinster section of the Féile Drámaíochta na Scol. The girls and their teachers, Ms. McKay, Ms. Cusack and Ms. Dudgeon, entered the Féile with an Irish-language version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Not only did they all have great fun, but they also had success at the Féile! Round One was for Dublin schools. Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní) was so good that we were through to the second round, which was for successful schools in Leinster. We had a thrilling day in Mullingar where the girls performed the play again. While we didn’t make it through to the National Finals, we are very proud of the success of the girls – particularly when we remember that this is the very first time we entered the Feile! 

Well done to all. Maith sibh agus beidh lá eile ag an bPaorach!


Féile Drámaíochta na Scol

Comhghairdeas leis na cailíní ón gClub Gaeilge a ghlac páirt sa bhFéile Drámaíochta! Ba é teideal an dráma ná ‘Liam Wonka agus an Mhonarcha Seacláide’. Sa chéad bhabhta, bhíomar ar an stáitse i Scoil Chaitríona. Babhta Bhaile Átha Cliath a bhí ar siúl an lá sin. Bhí an bua againn agus ansin bhí orainn an dráma a dhéanamh sa Mhuileann gCearr i gContae na h-Iarmhí. Babhta do scoileanna i gCúige Laighean a bhí ar siúl. Chuamar ann ar an mbus inniu agus bhí sár-am againn!  Cé nach raibh an bua againn inniu, bhaineamar an-taitneamh as an lá. Dúirt an moltóir gur bhain sé sult as an dráma agus fuaireamar trophy eile don sár-obair! 

Míle buíochas leis na múinteoirí a bhí ag obair leis na cailíní – Ms. Dudgeon, Ms McKay agus Ms. Cusack. Rinne siad job den scoth! Go raibh míle maith agat, a Orla, freisin. Thug sí an-chabhair do na páistí ó thaobh na props agus na n-éadaí stáitse de. Rinne Mrs. Kearney na hataí áille do na hÚmpaí Lúmpaí! Iarracht foirne a bhí ann agus táimid an-bhródúil as gach duine!



Heritage in Schools Visit

On Friday the girls from 4th and 5th were very lucky to have a visit from Heritage Expert Aidan Dockery. He had a huge array of artefacts, books and historical objects from a wide variety of historical times. Aidan’s uncle, Joseph Dockery, was killed in World War 1 and we were honoured to see some of his possessions from his time at the front. This was a unique opportunity for the girls to see and experience the lives of people in the past as well as famous events such as World War 1 and the Easter Rising. Aidan was very impressed with the girls’ knowledge especially the insightful questions they asked. He complemented them all on being such a great audience. 

IMG_2598[1] IMG_2602[1] IMG_2595[1]


Graffiti Classics

Every child in the school thoroughly enjoyed the visit on Monday of Graffiti Classics!

The musicians played, sang and danced their way through a really wonderful concert.

The children clapped along and had great fun!

Click on the links below and join in the fun!


First Class Art Gallery

We went on a tour of our school and found some fantastic pieces of art work from artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

We selected a few of our favourite pieces and recreated them in our classroom. Van Gogh would be proud of these wonderful interpretations!

Can you find a painting which you like along the corridors? Do we have the next Monet or Picasso in our school?
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We Love Poetry

We were really lucky to have a visit from a famous poet this week. Tony Curtis came in to talk to us, show us his poems and and he even recited one of Shakespeare’s sonnets for us. He was really impressed by all the poems we could say and songs we could sing for him. 

IMG_2290 IMG_2291


Music Workshop

The drum is an instrument that appears in every culture. In Ireland, our drum is called a bodhrán. The word ‘bodhar’ means ‘deaf’. Can you figure out why a drum might be given that name? Other countries have bongo drums or kettle drums or other types of drum.  Our pictures show the girls enjoying a drumming workshop. 

IMG_0853           IMG_0854


Marionettes Come to Scoil Bhríde !

2016-11-11 13.29.59 2016-11-11 12.14.10

2016-11-11 13.30.11 2016-11-11 12.14.36

The ancient art of puppetry was on show today when the Moon and Sixpence Puppet Theatre came to Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní). The children really enjoyed the puppet shows. The costumes, scenery and music were wonderful.  The Juniors were treated to an environmentally-friendly version of Little Red Riding Hood and the Seniors enjoyed the exploits of Micilín the Leprechaun! There was terrific audience participation and a wonderful time was had by all. Puppets are a very old form of theatre in many cultures of the world and today’s shows were in that tradition. A great experience for the children.



Visit from a Poet

Tony Curtis is an Irish poet who paid a visit to the children in Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní) today. Tony is a great communicator and has a terrific way with words. 

From Shakespeare to Bob Dylan (and others in between!) there was lots of singing, clapping and laughing from the children as he sang songs and recited poems for and with them. The children joined in enthusiastically and they really enjoyed the visit. 

See Tony’s website for examples of his work. 


1916 in Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní)

On Monday 18th January, the girls in 5th and 6th Classes will have a real treat! The wonderful play, Me, Mollser, will be coming to the school. The Department of Education and Skills, in conjunction with The Abbey Theatre (the National Theatre of Ireland), is supporting the performance of this play for children in 5th and 6th Classes around the country, as part of the 1916 Commemoration Programme. We are very fortunate that we have been chosen as one of the schools where the Abbey Theatre will perform. The play is a re-telling of The Plough and the Stars by Seán O’Casey through the eyes of the youngest character, Mollser. It is set in the notorious tenements of Dublin around 1916 and promises to be a memorable performance for the children. Be sure to ask your daughter all about it when she comes home on the 18th!

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