A New Proclamation for Modern Ireland

A New Proclamation for Modern Ireland

We, the girls of Scoil Bhríde (Cailíní), Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, declare the following to be our Proclamation for Modern Ireland and for the Future:

We proclaim a peaceful, kind and harmonious society where everyone is welcomed and respected – whether they come from Ireland or from a land across the sea. We respect and celebrate different cultures, languages, religions and traditions. We know from the old Irish saying that ‘ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine’.

We love our own language, Gaeilge. Tír gan teanga, tír gan anam. A country without its language is a country without its soul. We love to play Irish music, to dance our national dances and to play our national games. We pledge to keep the Irish language and culture alive so that we can pass them on to future generations.

Taitníonn ceol Gaelach, damhsaí Gaelacha agus cluichí Gaelacha linn. Is cúis onóra dúinn ár gcultúr a choimeád slán agus beo do na daoine a thiocfaidh in ár ndiaidh.

We know that everyone is unique. We believe that everyone’s individuality should be valued and encouraged. Even though we are all different, we believe that everyone is equal. We will strive for a society that cherishes all the people of Ireland equally, including those who are vulnerable or challenged.

We believe in honesty and truthfulness and we believe that friendship and love are the keys to happiness. We believe that every child has the right to play and to make friends, that everyone should love and be loved.

We declare that every individual should show responsibility and care for other people. We are global citizens and we believe that we have a responsibility to help people in need all over the world. If anyone sees a person in trouble, they should show responsibility and help them. If we treat others as we would like them to treat us, the world will be a happy, peaceful place.

We acknowledge that healthy living is important for everybody. We promise to make healthy choices about our lifestyle, to stay fit and to help others to do the same. We believe that every citizen of Ireland should get good medical care when they have to go to hospital and that every hospital should have enough beds for the patients.

Everyone in the world has the right to a warm, safe, secure home. We demand that homelessness in Ireland is brought to an end. Every person in this country has the right to have a roof over her head and an adequate supply of food and water. This right should be respected.

Every person in Ireland has the right to education. We believe that knowledge and wisdom make the world go round. All children have the right to go to school to learn and we should always strive to achieve our highest potential.     

We know that Ireland is a beautiful country. We promise to look after plants and animals, to avoid litter and pollution and to protect our environment by recycling as often as we can. We want the people of Ireland to be leaders in looking after our planet. We do not want Planet Earth to be taken for granted. We promise to keep our own lovely country pleasant and green so that everybody can enjoy its natural beauty.

We salute all those who came before us. We honour their memories and we undertake to make the most of all the opportunities they have made possible for us.

We stand ready to take our place in the world, confidently and with pride.